GroundsKeeper Pro Features


Essential Bookkeeping

One of the advantages of GroundsKeeper Pro is the ability to perform crucial accounting tasks with just a few clicks of a mouse. Get a handle on your income and expenses without having to buy additional, expensive software. Manage payroll and keep a detailed record of business expenses, all in the same great software package that powers lawn care businesses everywhere.

View Details of Customer Accounts

Have you ever needed to see a detailed view of a customer’s account history at a glance? That’s possible in GroundsKeeper Pro thanks to our handy Customer Inquiry feature. You’ll be able to view an itemized list of services as well as their entire account history. And we've made it all so simple to use.

Was there a late charge on a payment? Was there an extra credit applied during a promotional event? You can find the answers to those questions easily with this robust and powerful feature. And as an added benefit, the report results can be emailed or printed. We make sure you can reach every single one of your customers.

Top-Notch Reporting Features

Running a lawn care business is a constant balancing act between income and expenses. You’ll always need to have a handle on how much money is coming in versus how much is going out. That’s why we’ve built GroundsKeeper Pro to be able to provide you with the reports and data that you need to make the critical decisions about your business.

Do you need to see a breakdown of your income statistics? We have you covered. Our detailed report shows you more than just basic information like the date and charge. You can also view details of the tax, service charge and credit applied. With the ability to limit date ranges, you’ll not only be able to see how you’re currently doing but you can view past trends and historical data too.

Wouldn’t it be great to see which accounts were profitable and which were not? Now you can do that too thanks to our Account Breakdown Report, which provides an in-depth look at the costs and margins associated with each account. You’ll be able to see details down to the individual line items that are causing you to gain or lose money on a client.

Keep Your Payroll Books Too

When you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for payroll expense tracking, GroundsKeeper Pro is the choice for you. We provide a bookkeeping-style payroll software option that allows you to enter tax withholdings manually. By avoiding frequent and costly updates to tax tables, we’ve kept our lawn care software lightweight and at a price point that works with your budget.

You’ll have the option to view detailed salary expenses by each and every person in your workforce. Worried about security of sensitive employee information? We’ve added a password protection feature for personnel data so you can keep records, notes and comments away from prying eyes. Over twenty years in the industry has given GroundsKeeper Pro an advantage that can’t be beat.

Download your free trial version today to see why lawn care professionals everywhere trust GroundsKeeper Pro.