GroundsKeeper Pro Features

Chemical Application Tracking & Reporting

Does your lawn care business stop at just mowing? Of course not. These days, there are so many aspects of lawn care and maintenance to consider. Chemical Application is just one of them. To keep a rich, healthy lawn, it’s often necessary to apply chemicals from pesticides to fertilizers and everything in between. And it can be just as vital to properly record, track and report on that information.

When Accurate Tracking Matters

Pesticides and herbicides have tremendous benefits when applied correctly. They can keep yards and properties looking healthy and free of pests, invasive species and other unwanted guests. But their very nature means that they can also be hazardous when used improperly, and that’s why chemical application tracking is so critical.

Turn to GroundsKeeper Pro, the trusted solution for tracking and reporting lawn care chemicals. Our software makes it easy to track information down to the finest details, including everything from the chemical’s EPA registration number to the applicator’s certification number. You can even record climate conditions like air temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction, providing a total and complete view of this essential service.

Create Reports to Print or Email

If you’ve been in the lawn care industry for long, you’ve had situations when you’ve needed to provide or confirm information for a customer. Whether it’s for legal, regulatory or simple record keeping purposes, there are many reasons it’s important to be able to produce this information quickly and easily.

For a solution without all the complications, choose GroundsKeeper Pro. Our customizable Chemical Application Report not only looks great, it’s also incredibly useful as it displays the necessary data in a clear, readable format. There are options to email the report or print it for customers who prefer paper copies.

Find exactly what you're looking for when you filter and sort by date, location, customer, or a whole range of other options. It's both powerful and easy to use. What a great combination.

Are You Required to Report?

Do you perform services in a state that requires pesticide application reporting? Accurate and timely reporting of chemical applications is crucial to maintain good standing and avoid costly penalties, including possible fines. Your business has enough expenses without worrying about that extra overhead. Our software also allows you to export the data to a CSV file, which can be opened with Excel, for even easier electronic reporting.

Lawn care professionals, including certified chemical applicators, have been using GroundsKeeper Pro for over 20 years. Our software has kept its intuitive, uncomplicated feel while still keeping up with the latest in industry trends. We’ve been working with and listening to our customers for years in order to give you the best possible experience.

We’re so confident you’ll love our lawn care software that we’re giving away a trial version for free. Try it yourself and see what makes GroundsKeeper Pro so highly rated.