GroundsKeeper Pro Features

Connect With Customers

Everything You Need to Keep Your Lawn Services Personal

Make sure your clients feel cared for by keeping track of unique information about their property and preferences. Try our easy-to-use lawn client management software today!

Record All Customer Notes

You want your customers to feel like they’re your number one priority, right? Use our GroundsKeeper Pro lawn care business software to manage your client’s private notes, comments, conversations, and other relevant information.

Customer Management Features

Looking for a way to keep track of your growing client base? Your new lawn client management software can hold up to 10,000 clients.

We make it easy for you to store details about each customer in a safe place for you to find with a simple search! It’s your one-stop app to help you perform fantastic lawn and customer service.

One of our favorite features in our lawn care software is called the Wizard. Give it a try to quickly charge your clients based on items and services in your routes, schedules, and estimates.

Charge Payments Quickly

Use our lawn business software to post payments as a check or cash. You can quickly find your customers who didn't pay on time and print late statements or overdue payment notices.

Add Custom Services

Use our Wizard feature to select any client and quickly charge them for additional services, whether it is regularly repeated services, time and materials, or special services.

Create Custom Client Lists

Use our GroundsKeeper Pro lawn care management software, to easily search your entire customer base by job site location city, zip, county, and lot size.

Keep Your Prices Competitive

Whether you are charging for fuel and equipment fees or increasing the price of an entire service, we make it easy for you to increase costs based on lot size or a flat rate.

Special Services

Tired of the hassle when you add unique services to a client job? Use our GroundsKeeper Pro to charge a customer for any type of lawn care service in a matter of seconds!

Our lawn business software can also create custom client reports based on search criteria, track and report on chemical applications, and complete simplified bookkeeping payroll.

Keep Your Customer Service at 5-Stars with Our Software Designed Just for Lawn Client Management

Your clients will thank you for the personalized and detailed service you give them based on their unique needs.

The GroundsKeeper Pro allows you to assign multiple job sites to one client, each location with its own services, preferences, and pricing.