GroundsKeeper Pro Features

Invoices & Billing

Trusted by Lawn Care Experts Everywhere

GroundsKeeper Pro is an easy-to-use software program created to help you run and manage your lawn care business. It offers powerful invoicing and billing features that have been proven in the industry and used by hundreds of landscaping professionals nationwide. Straightforward and intuitive, you'll be using our app like a pro in just minutes. And with all that time and money saved, you'll wonder how you ever managed your business without it.

Software That Is Easy and Efficient

Landscaping and lawn care experts around the country rely on GroundsKeeper Pro because it's easy to learn and packed with features. Our invoicing and billing feature is something our customers have found extremely useful. On the invoice forms, we provide important details such as the date each service was performed, its associated price, the date and type of payments received, and detailed service information. Want to personalize a message for your customers? We've made it easy to do that too, helping you form long-lasting personal connections.

Paperless customers? No problem. For clients who prefer to pay electronically, there's a link included right in the invoice email for them to pay online. Our customizable invoices not only look great, they present all the information in a clear and readable format. The quality of the invoice shows through on both the paper form as well as the emails. That's something every customer will appreciate.

Customizable and Convenient

For businesses that truly want to show their own colors, we've made our bills and invoices customizable so you can take your look to the next level. Along with changing the colors and fonts, you can even use your own logo for the ultimate professional touch. Don't have a logo? That's no trouble either, because your company's name will appear at the top of the page in large text instead. We've really thought of everything.

GroundsKeeper Pro is made to be customizable so you can really get the most out of every dollar. For example, you can choose to send bills as either statements or invoices. The difference between the two is the statement-type bill calculates the previous balance and shows any payment activity and charges, while the invoice-type shows only the current charges. You can select which best suits your needs and those of your customers. GroundsKeeper Pro keeps an electronic copy of all your invoices for your records. You’ll never lose an invoice again!

At the end of the day, perhaps the best reason to put GroundsKeeper Pro to work for you is it's affordable and will pay for itself within the first few months. At Adkad Technologies, it's our hope that we can help your lawn care business run more smoothly and efficiently through GroundsKeeper Pro. See what all our customers are talking about. For more information about our software application, including how to get started on a free trial download, contact us today. The grass really is greener on the other side of GroundsKeeper Pro!