GroundsKeeper Pro Features


What’s the Best Scheduling Software For Lawn Care Professionals?

Our software helps you be reliable. Schedule every lawn care job, so you never forget a single one! Be dependable and meet the needs of your clients. Our app keeps track of every service’s detail - to help you consistently excel in quality. Never forget any customers preferences and wishes.

Fast & Easy Scheduling

Stay organized and keep everything in one place. It’s time to reduce the amount of handwritten sticky notes needed to run your lawn care business! Feel free to print or email your schedules using one software solution. You can check availability via the software's information and schedule services to better plan and schedule your days. Also, we make it easy to create recurring schedules for regular repeating lawn care services.

How It Works

Scheduling the Service

No need to enter jobs more than once! Whether you are scheduling a weekly, monthly, or yearly service, the GroundsKeeper Pro will keep track of it.

Print or Email Schedule

When it comes to your clients, everyone has different preferences. You can email or print a copy of the schedule for you, your clients, and your employees.

Easily Reschedule & Track Scheduled Jobs

Use our Daily Schedule screen to view all your services scheduled for a specific day to keep track of all the services you'll be performing that day.

Notify Your Clients When their Lawn Care Services are Completed

If you are looking to notify your customers that you were at their location to perform their scheduled service, our software allows you to easily and quickly print a note to drop off at the site. If you prefer, you can also email these notices with the click of a button. You can also mass print or email these notices for all of the locations you will be visiting that day. We’ll help you keep it short and sweet so that you and your clients can get on with their day.

Software to Simplify Billing for Scheduled Services

The wizard, your new favorite feature in our software app, will quickly and easily apply all service charges to customer accounts from a schedule or route. Our lawn care scheduling software is the best tool to quickly assign services from a day’s schedule into routes for crews and trucks. Similarly, the wizard will charge for all services and time & materials items from estimates. You have no time to waste. Let our software save you time and effort!